Malware removal

The way we work


Detect and block the malware

Scan, locate, delete/quarantine the malicious code.


Avoid immediate reinfection

We investigate the system to identify vulnerabilities and provide a solution



We use custom tools to keep the system under control


Lock the future

We plan a strategy to mitigate the future risk

Actions plan

We will gather all relevant information about the incident and work with you to determine the appropriate steps and timeline

Accessing your server

We will get access to your infected server/s trough SSH/FTP.

Backup and log

Before taking actions, we will backup the site and log every executed action.

Get help

Each situation is unique. Some infections can be resolved within hours, while others may take days. This depends on various factors such as the complexity of the software architecture, the number of malware on the web servers, the existence of backdoors, the size of the database, etc.

In most of cases we are able to clean the server from the infection without having to halt the website/service. This is achieved through various techniques. :
  • Working on site backups
  • Using staging servers
  • Working statically on code

Websites can be hacked due to known vulnerabilities or insufficient security measures. We will identify the attack surfaces in your system and applying patches will significantly reduce the risk of reinfection.

We will assist you in determining if any data has been removed from your website and if the integrity of your database has been compromised. We will also provide you with a best practice plan for securely managing your data.

Some data

8 3 8 089

Sites hacked a day


$ cost per damage


Of bot traffic is malicious


high severity threats in 2021

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