Web server security


Malware increase since 2020


of websites are infected with critical severity threats


WordPress vulnerabilities discovered in 2022


Website owner with multiple domains

Be aware of the risk, start acting

If you utilize web applications, websites, or manage software installed on managed servers, hosting, or cloud servers, your systems are potentially vulnerable. Piecemeal efforts are ineffective, a comprehensive solution including a comprehensive set of actions is the only way to reduce the risk and place your organization among the most secure.


Malware scan

We periodically perform a thorough scan of your system using customized tools to detect any hidden malware



Our process involves a thorough examination of your system to identify potential attack surfaces and vulnerabilities. Once identified, we develop and implement a plan to eliminate these weaknesses, ensuring the security of your system.


Total protection

We will install and configure powerful internal and web application firewalls to significantly reduce the risk of infection.


Ongoing support

We provide ongoing consulting to ensure your system stays secure as it evolves and changes over time

For Web Agencies

CMSs pose the highest risk.

CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Prestashop are highly targeted by hackers due to their popularity. The absence of adequate security measures makes them susceptible to severe vulnerabilities.".

Hosting providers do not offer security services

Hosting providers concentrate on managing the system and delegate the responsibility for securing the applications to web agencies.

Developers tend to prioritize functionality over security

Many programmers lack the time, and sometimes the knowledge, to code with a focus on security, leading to potential vulnerabilities..

Employess and clients have access to passwords

All the effort put into securing a system can go to waste if just one password is compromised. Many web agencies do not have strict password management policies, leaving the system vulnerable.

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Adding new plugins to your CMS increases the potential vulnerabilities in your web application. The more plugins you have, the higher the risk of an attack. Our experts will scan your WordPress installation, report its vulnerability status, and provide you with a comprehensive plan to secure and harden it.

We offer support for hosting and cloud server management. If you use a hosting provider, we will collaborate with them to enhance the security profile of your account. If you use a cloud or virtual server, we will access it, assess the system for vulnerabilities, and provide a proposal for fixing them.

We will gather all necessary information from the web application developers and provide support in revising insecure code and implementing new features while adhering to a secure policy.

Effective management of passwords and system access is essential for every organization. Our team will create a customized and secure access management policy tailored to meet your specific needs.

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