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Malware increase since 2020


of websites are infected with critical severity threats


WordPress vulnerabilities discovered in 2022


Website owner with multiple domains

Your website is being scanned by malicious entities

Web applications are continuously scanned by malicious bots and hackers looking for vulnerabilities. Through complex algorithms and enhanced by the use of artificial intelligence, they often manage to identify one or more ways to attempt to compromise a site. If the attack surfaces are not eliminated, the application will be compromised.
It's only a matter of time

How we intervene


Website Scan

We perform a thorough scan of your website using customized tools to detect any hidden malware.



We analyze the application by mapping all its components and their security status. We identify the attack surfaces and list known vulnerabilities



We update outdated components, disable unnecessary modules and plugins, and refactor vulnerable custom code.


Ongoing support

We define a strategy to keep the application immune from potential attacks throughout its entire lifecycle

You manage one or more websites?

CMS present a risk

CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Prestashop are highly targeted by hackers due to their popularity. The absence of adequate security measures makes them susceptible to severe vulnerabilities.

Hosting providers frequently do not provide anti-malware services

Hosting providers concentrate on managing the system and delegate the responsibility for securing the applications to clients.

Developers tend to prioritize functionality over security

Many programmers lack the time, and sometimes the knowledge, to code with a focus on security, leading to potential vulnerabilities.

Databases are gold mine

The databases of web applications often contain a lot of confidential information such as customer data or passwords. It is essential to ensure that there is no way for hackers to gain access to these data.

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Hackers sniff websites passwords

The login pages to site administration areas are continuously under attack. Hackers also develop increasingly effective systems to steal login passwords. Implementing strong authentication strategies is of primary importanc

Open source code means whitebox

Building sites based on Open Source systems like WordPress, Typo3, means using solid technologies but at the same time public source code, which hackers can investigate to discover vulnerabilities that are often exploited without anyone noticing.

Plugins can be vulnerable

Adding new plugins to your CMS increases the potential vulnerabilities in your web application. The more plugins you have, the higher the risk of a succesfull attack.

Integrations can be vulnerable

Developing integrations between your site and other systems, such as management systems or ERP software, is often essential. However, these integrations rarely take security into account, opening up attack surfaces that often turn out to be lethal.

Common Questions

Fortifying a web application is a process that involves various stages, including structural analysis, analysis of installed components, of any custom-developed code, of the database, of configuration files, and more. This means that the time required is proportional to the complexity of the application. Having said that, on average we manage to carry out a complete analysis of a site within a few hours

No. The analysis phase does not impact the functionality of the site. In case we need to modify some features, we will do so on a copy of the site.

No. Eliminating current vulnerabilities and attack surfaces is essential but not sufficient. Cyber attacks evolve and applications do too. This means that the level of security changes over time. It is necessary to proceed with recurring checks to ensure that changes to the site do not introduce new vulnerabilities and that security patches are continuously applied

Usually, it becomes inevitable to install and correctly configure specialized tools such as Web Application Firewalls. They are an excellent support for the site manager to prevent the security level of the application from being lowered

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